MARCH 13 – APRIL 2, 2023

Press Release #39

Last week, the “Litvin” battalion worked on the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson areas of the front. Sappers, reconnaissance, and mortar calculations of the battalion worked. Destroyed enemy manpower and armored vehicles.
“Volat” battalion continues to defend Bakhmut. Battalion mortars and assault groups are working.

The UAV regimental unit named after Nikita Kryutsov carried out reconnaissance of enemy positions, as well as adjusting the artillery of neighbors. Successfully worked out the unit’s mortar crew. On March 25th, on Freedom Day, the Regimental UAV performed the task together with related units. As a result, they successfully worked on hangars with BC, equipment, and manpower of the enemy.

The medical division of the Kalinouski Regiment continues to work in two directions of the front.
Last week there were no losses or wounded in the Kalinouski Regiment.

The Kalinouski Regiment, together with all Belarusians, 

The commander of Kalinouski Regiment “Kit”: 

– Those who can join us – please join. The work we are doing now here in Ukraine is the matter of our common Belarusian people. 

Soldier of the Regiment “Diadka”: 

– I would advise Belarusians to remember that no one but us will bring us freedom. No one but us will be able to change this regime that rules in Belarus. And that all of us, both here in Ukraine, and abroad Ukraine, and in Belarus, should prepare for this. 

The commander of the medical division “Sever”: 

– If someone doubts, if someone is afraid, contact in the bot, find out the details. You are expected here. 

celebrated the 105th anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic. The representatives of the Regiment told how this year went and addressed to all Belarusians. 


Press Release #40

Last week, mortar units of the Litvin battalion worked in the south of Ukraine against enemy manpower and engineering structures. A group of sappers worked in the same direction to clear mines from the de-occupied areas. 

Mortar units, SPG-9, MK-19 and aerial reconnaissance of the Volat battalion worked in Bakhmut. They provided fire support to adjacent units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is confirmed that at least 7 units of enemy manpower were destroyed. 

Last week, the UAV regimental unit named after Nikita Kryutsov training of soldiers, carried out training and combat teamwork of personnel. 

The motorized unit of Kalinouski Regiment continues to evacuate equipment from Bakhmut. During one of the evacuations, our multi-purpose transporter-tractor was hit and one of the soldiers was wounded. Hospitalization was not necessary, his life is not in danger. 

Medical crew of Kalinouski Regiment continues to save the lives of soldiers in the Bakhmutsky direction. The task of assisting the fire crews of the Volat battalion was successfully completed. 

There were no losses last week. 

March 31 was exactly one year since the liberation of Bucha. At the turn from Vorzel to Bucha, the largest Ukrainian flag in society will be restored and commemorative signs will be installed symbols of gratitude to the units that resisted the occupiers. 

Soldiers of Kalinouski Regiment also took part in the battles for Bucha. These were almost the first battles of our unit, the first losses, the first experience. But the Belarusian volunteers from Kalinouski Regiment showed their courage and heroism. 

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